Our mission

The mission of the Applied Animal Behavior (AAB) SIG is to promote applied animal behavior analytic research, set high standards in methods and techniques of animal training, support those in the applied animal behavior field, and promote the well-being of animals in applied settings wherever they are found.

Description of Membership

Membership of the AAB SIG is broad and includes scientists, academics, researchers, educators and practitioners from a variety of disciplines affiliated with animal behavior.  We share a common interest in the integration and application of behavior analysis to applied animal settings.  Many of us are members of ABAI (though membership with ABAI is not required) and attend the annual convention or help promote science-based behavior techniques in their practices, teaching or research with animals.  We welcome new members who share these interests. 

We are not a certification or licensing body.

 SIG membership fees are $25 per year or $15 for students.

Annual or Recurring Events

The AAB SIG sponsors several events during the ABAI annual convention, including occasional on-site observation of applied behavior analysis practices at local animal facilities, our annual meeting, and a SIG poster at the Expo. The AAB SIG also offers two annual scholarships which are awarded at each annual convention. These are the Marian Breland-Bailey award and the Diversity Award.  
Throughout the year we offer virtual events and BACB CEU opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

The AAB SIG maintains an active Facebook group for members or interested individuals to discuss behavior analysis related to animal behavior.

Specifically of Interest to Behavior Analysts

Animal behavior is a field recognized to require extensive knowledge of species-specific ethology. Animal behavior change also requires complete and academically supported awareness and understanding of the principles of behavior analysis and the application of these principles in applied settings. The AAB SIG promotes empirically verified applications of behavior analysis in animal behavior change treatments, and actively promotes the application of behavior analysis to applied animal behavior therapy.